A drug-free solution to migraine pain! It's very simple and fun to do

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Researchers claim that feelings of nostalgia can reduce perceived pain levels. In the study, volunteers exposed to nostalgic images reported that they felt less pain than others. Experts said the sensation could be a ‘drug-free way to alleviate low pain levels’.


Scientists continue to work feverishly against migraine, which seriously reduces the quality of life and makes that day and even the next few days unbearable.


To overcome migraine pain that affects women more than men Another interesting but enjoyable way to come has emerged. It has been suggested that a bad migraine can be overcome by remembering the ‘good old times’ for those with pain.

Academics say that nostalgia acts as a mild pain reliever and that the pain of headaches is an average percentage
says you can reduce it.

Researchers said that nostalgia could be ‘a drug-free way to relieve low-level pain such as headaches or mild clinical pain’.

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