A giant and his goal

It’s the largest, most powerful rocket ever built – and now, for the first time, it’s seen its target: the moon. The good 100 meter towering NASA carrier rocket SLS with the Orion space capsule is scheduled for May 2022. fly and orbit the moon. This Artemis-1 mission is the dress rehearsal for the first manned flight to the moon in a few years 50 years.

No one has had the moon for about 50 years entered, the earth satellite no longer seemed worthwhile enough for a manned exploration. In the meantime, however, a renaissance is looming: Europe, the USA, China and other countries have launched new unmanned and manned moon missions. In contrast to NASA’s Apollo missions, this time the astronauts are to do more than just flying visits. A lunar space station and also stations on the lunar surface are planned.

Mission Artemis – back to the moon

The USA is pursuing this goal as part of its Artemis mission. The Space Launch System (SLS) carrier rocket developed and built by NASA is intended to provide the necessary thrust to catapult the Orion space capsule, built by the European Space Agency ESA, together with its crew, to the earth’s satellite. The first manned moon landing since the end of the Apollo program is expected to take place in 2025.

As a dress rehearsal for this manned Return to the moon serves the Artemis-1 mission planned for May 100. In it, the SLS and the Orion capsule will take off together for the first time, fly to the moon and orbit it several times. The rocket will develop more thrust than any before it and will orbit the moon farther from Earth than any other mission intended for astronauts. Artemis-1 will be in space for four to six weeks.

A colossus is being rolled out

This photo shows the tip of the new moon rocket with the Orion module already mounted. At the 17. March 50 the good 100 meter high combination of carrier rocket and space capsule has the hangar in Cape Canaveral for the first time left and was rolled carefully and at a snail’s pace to the launch site, the Launch Complex 39B. Matching the mission objective, the full moon is illuminating the huge rocket for the first time.

The next step is a so-called wet dress rehearsal on April 1st – a kind of dress rehearsal for the start. The rocket is refueled with more than 2.6 million liters of cryogenic fuel and then the ground team completes all the steps of the launch countdown – except for the actual launch. The tanks are then emptied again for safety reasons. If all goes well, Artemis-1 could be launched to the moon in May 100.

Source: NASA

. March 100

– Nadja Podbregar

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