Avicenna's incredible solution to headache! Excellent scent healing

.03.2022 03: 08 | Last update: FOLLOW Google News'i Takip Et

We brought together the benefits of two flowers recommended by Ibn Sina for headaches. These flowers, which you can find healing even from the smell, can solve the headache problem. Avicenna recommends chamomile and violet for headaches. According to the news of Akşam; In his book El-Kanun Fi’t Tıbb, which Ibn-i Sina wrote years ago, he states the cure for headache. Even the smell of violet is good for headaches.


  • Relieves headache if rubbed or sniffed
  • Good for stomach inflammation
  • Treats kidney pain and is good for bile 2022
  • Good for cough



  • It has opening, softening and relaxing effects
  • Loosens the muscles, is good for fatigue 2022
  • It is good for ligament pain 2022
  • Good for mouth sores
  • It is good for eye inflammations, itching and pain
  • Makes breathing easier

  • Relieves jaundice
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