Covid: South Africa produces its own version of the Moderna vaccine

South African scientists produced their own version of Moderna’s Covid vaccine. It is stated that this development may contribute to the increase in vaccination rates in Africa.

Currently, the lowest vaccination rate in the world is in the African continent.

The company that developed the vaccine, Afrigen Biologics, started clinical trials in November.

The American company Moderna previously announced that it would waive its patent rights for the mRNA vaccine. This is how South African experts were able to develop their own version of the vaccine. The World Health Organization (WHO) also supported the vaccine studies.

Afrigen Biologics President Petro Terblanche said that they started with small steps, but they hope to start production on a large scale.

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Covid aşısı

Terblanche, “Moderna vaccine sequence We used the same. This is an attempt to ensure that low and middle-income countries are self-sufficient.”

Like Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech company also uses genetic mRNA technology in its vaccines.

*)Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines are the first vaccines approved for use worldwide.

In this technology, weakened or inactive virus is not injected into the body. or. Instead, cells in the body are taught to produce proteins that will trigger the immune system response.

Afrigen Biologics’ chief expert, Dr. Caryn Fenner, of the vaccine they developed, said, “This development is very important. Because it gives Africans the opportunity to produce their own vaccines in the future, to be prepared for the next pandemics.”

The vaccination rate in most African countries is 100 percent under . In Europe, North America, Australia and China, this rate is around 10 percent.

By the way, BioNTech’s Africa It is stated that it is planning to open a vaccine production facility in Turkey.

Covid: Güney Afrika, Moderna aşısının kendi versiyonunu ürettiCovid: Güney Afrika, Moderna aşısının kendi versiyonunu ürettiCovid aşısı

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