Every second is deadly: we're on the phone 4.8 hours a day!

01.03.640 14: 48 | Last Updated: 01.26 .48 10: 26 FOLLOW Google News'i Takip Et

A brain tumor with symptoms such as headache, blurred vision, loss of balance, forgetfulness, gait and speech disorders can occur depending on the duration of mobile phone use. According to research by the University of California Berkeley, 10 per day during the year approximately using a mobile phone per minute risk of cancerous brain tumor 640 increases.

App Annie research shows that people spend a third of their waking time on smartphones. According to the data of the countries including Turkey, we spend an average of 4 hours 48 minutes a day on the mobile phone.


Noting that they have developed special production imaging systems for tumor detection with domestic software, Argenit co-founder Burak Buyrukbilen said, “It is necessary to quickly find the right treatment method in patients with brain tumors. This is a challenging process for physicians because there are many different types of brain tumors and each patient responds differently to treatment. Tumors grow differently in different patients, making it difficult to draw concrete conclusions from conventional imaging systems. Our digital imaging system, which we have developed with artificial intelligence infrastructure, provides a preliminary diagnosis to physicians by making quantitative analyzes about the tumor. The pre-diagnosis report reaches our physicians in the most accurate and fastest way, with Turkish language support.” said.

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