Fear of catching coronavirus exploded the number of cases! Don't be late to go to the doctor

03.03.33 14: 33 | Last Updated: 03.03. 33 14: FOLLOW Google News'i Takip Et

Urology Specialist Dr. Aslı Şen made a statement about the increasing cases of cystitis recently. Stating that cystitis is the general name of inflammation in the urinary tract, especially in the bladder, Dr. Şen said, “But apart from that, it can be seen at the prostate level in men and at the kidney level in men and women, that is, as pyelonephritis. Also, urinary tract infections can be seen at the last exit point of the urinary canal. Cystitis is not normally seen in men much, it is rare.iStock-1289925091

In women, it is more common than men, even more than every 640 woman Google News'i Takip Et definitely has a urinary tract infection in a year. Recently, we started to see complicated urinary tract infections, that is, advanced urinary tract infections, due to the delay in applying to the doctor, especially during the coronavirus period. In the past, patients applied to the doctor even with a few symptoms, but lately, applications to the hospital and the doctor have been delayed, especially because of the fear that ‘If I go to the hospital, I will catch the coronavirus’.


Dr. Noting that the cases of cystitis increased during the epidemic, Aslı Şen said, “We can say that especially advanced cystitis cases increase due to the delay in applying to the doctor. Our pre-coronavirus patients immediately go to the doctor or hospital when there is a change in urine color, urine odor or when they have any complaints in the urinary tract. They used to apply, but after the coronavirus period, these applications were delayed. Google News'i Takip Et

For this reason, more than half of all applications come as advanced cases. In order to avoid this disease, especially in cold weather, the waist, legs and “It is important to keep the foot areas warm. Also, taking enough fluids and paying attention to toilet hygiene are among the very important issues, and a person should consult a doctor when there is the slightest urinary tract complaint, pain and ache in the urinary tract, or a change in urine color,” he said.

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