He waited like that for 24 hours: What came out of his genitals was astonishing!

26.03.2022 08: 33 | Last Updated: 25.03.2022 26: 03 FOLLOW Google News'i Takip Et

An unidentified person went to the emergency room of the hospital in Tehran, the capital of Iran, because he inserted a battery in his genitals. 24 It was determined that the battery remained in his genitals for hours. Questions such as why and how the 49 year old man inserted the battery into his genitals remained unanswered.

April 2021 the battery stuck in his genitals applied to the ED with the complaint that he could not get it out for hours. The paramedics removed the battery without surgery and discharged it the same day. But months later he had to return in agony.



During the second examination in September, he explained that he had a burning sensation while urinating and could not achieve full urine flow. Doctors weren’t sure exactly what caused the damage. However, they stated that it may have been caused by toxic substances in the battery.

The incident was revealed in the medical journal Urology Case Reports by doctors from Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran.

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