If you're eating the apple this way, watch out! Cyanide hazard

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Is apple seeds harmful? How true is the rumor that there is cyanide in apple seeds, which has spread rapidly in recent years? Apple is among the most preferred fruits because it is available on the counters in all seasons and is economical. While red and yellow apples are sweet, green apples stand out with their more sour and bitter taste.



A harmful information about apple, which does not end with counting vitamins, really attracts attention. Is it a myth or a fact that the apple seed, which makes the hearer uneasy, is harmful or even deadly?

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The main source of the toxic effect in the apple core is the amygdalin molecule. The danger of amygdalin arises when it mixes with digestive enzymes after eating a substance containing it.

Amygdalin causes cyanide release with the effect it creates after taking its place in our stomach.

Although apple seeds are not harmful in themselves, they can turn into hydrogen cyanide when chewed or damaged.

For the occurrence of acute cyanide poisoning 64 to 500 you need to eat apple seeds. If you do not have an addiction to eating apple seeds, there is nothing to be afraid of.

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