It affects your life from top to bottom! If you don't take precautions…

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Stating that the biggest causes of bloating in digestive system diseases are due to digestive system diseases, Cardiology Specialist Dr. Hamit Çelik,”Uncontrolled flatulence, frequent burping, and bloating, such as digestive system disorders, cause people to be isolated from social life. Although there are simple methods to prevent the formation of gas and bloating, we use diagnostic methods such as endoscopy and colonoscopy in some patients. However, it is of great importance for people to change their lifestyle in the treatment of abdominal bloating and gas in general.

Abdominal bloating affects the lives of many people. Although the gases created by the intestines and stomach bacteria in the human body do not disturb the person, when the amount of gas in the body increases, tensions occur in the walls of the organs. Thus, bloating in the abdomen sometimes brings with it conditions such as gas, abdominal pain.


In this context, Cardiology Specialist Dr. Hamit Çelik said, “Many reasons such as excessive consumption of carbonated beverages, constipation, digestive disorders, and dehydration of the body cause bloating and gas formation. That’s why, in the treatment of abdominal distension, we regulate the lifestyle with the water diet that I recommend to the patients and ensure that they are treated without medication. What is important in this process is to ensure that heavy metals, toxins, waste materials, bacteria, parasites and fungi are cleaned in the body. Therefore, the intestines are relieved and complaints such as bloating and gas disappear,” he said.


Due to abdominal bloating and gas, which affects a large part of the society, the social life of people is also restricted. Touching on several important points in this context, Dr. Hamit Çelik, ”Water consumption plays an important role for gas and bloating. Drinking 2.5 liters of water a day helps to form toilet habits. In addition, with the water diet program we apply to patients with bloating, a single food per day, water as much as they are thirsty and additional vitamin supplements we give to patients 640 120 and the treatment is completed within the day and the swelling disappears. Water diet treatment controls the digestive system, cleans the wastes in the body and regulates the immune system.

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