List of dangerous French people according to an allegedly leaked Facebook document

So it turns out there are a lot of people in France that Facebook considers dangerous – according to an allegedly leaked document that has Facebook written all over it.

The document was supposed to be kept confidential. Facebook has published a top secret list of 4,200 names deemed “dangerous” by the platform. Denial, jihadist terrorism, extreme right … The network with 2.8 billion subscribers has selected entities and personalities known for their hateful or criminal ideology. A kind of “directory” of violence supposed to accompany the work of the moderators, responsible for removing publications contrary to the regulations. Unveiled by The Intercept, which echoed Le Parisien on Tuesday, October 19, this famous list does not omit the French.

On the organizational side, there are extreme right-wing groups tinged with racism and anti-Semitism (Equality and Reconciliation, the GUD, Participative Democracy, Generation Identity, an anti-immigration group dissolved in 2021). In addition to these organizations, Facebook’s list also includes the names of a dozen French individuals, including Alain Soral, the openly denialist founder of Equality and Reconciliation, the anti-Semitic essayist Hervé Ryssen, a former member of the Front. national jailed in September 2020 for his comments on the Jews.

The place of jihadist terrorism

In addition to the far right, the list gives pride of place to Islamist terrorism, with a directory of French jihadists alive but also dead or presumed dead. Among these names relayed by Le Parisien: the brothers Chérif and Saïd Kouachi, authors of the Charlie Hebdo attack in 2015, Amedy Coulibaly, the hostage taker of the Hyper Cacher at the Porte de Vincennes, the Breton Emilie König, recruiter of the Islamic State group… Initially, Facebook wanted to keep this sensitive document, revealed by The Intercept, secret to prevent the organizations in question (independence groups, drug cartels, armed militias, etc.) from organizing themselves to circumvent the rules of moderation. The American giant had always refused to comply with requests for transparency emanating in particular from its own supervisory board.

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