The benefits do not end with counting, but the biggest harm is…

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Eggs are consumed frequently in many different varieties. So, does the egg have any effect on the skin? In today’s city life, hormone-containing feeds are given in order to obtain more efficiency from chickens. These hormones pass from chickens to the eggs they lay, and when humans consume these eggs, these hormones enter the body. Therefore, hormonal imbalances occur in our body due to eggs and acne can occur on the skin.


In the modern world, antibiotics are given to animals to prevent diseases in chickens or to treat existing diseases. These antibiotics also enter the body of people who consume eggs and disrupt the balance of good bacteria in our gut, called the microbiome, in the body. It reduces the good bacteria in the intestines, increases the bad bacteria, lowers the body’s immunity, as a result, acne can be seen on the skin.


Egg allergy can also cause acne. Some people’s bodies are sensitive to eggs, and the proteins in the egg white or yolk entering the body cause the immune system to overreact. In this case, when the egg is consumed, the body perceives the protein in the egg as an enemy and produces chemicals to defend against this enemy. These chemicals cause various allergic reaction symptoms such as acne on the skin.

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