Women's worst nightmare: Revealed in first intercourse attempt

To cope with vaginismus, first of all, it is necessary to understand the basis of fear. These fears can start with the first night, as well as negative and unfounded stories heard in childhood and adolescence, suppressing or ignoring the strongly felt sexuality, abuse, harassment, insecure relationship with a partner, thoughts transmitted from the family. Sometimes, only the negativities in the first attempt at intercourse lead to vaginismus.

Inadequate or incorrect sexual information also prepares the environment for vaginismus. Vaginismus can sometimes be accompanied by phobic behaviors, fear of vaginal birth, fear of the dark, and fear of being alone. Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Op. Dr. Miray Sekkin Eser gave important information about the subject.


Vaginismus treatments begin with eliminating the causes of negative thoughts, fears, and anxiety in the person and replacing the correct sexual information. It continues with the provision of body control by making the involuntary contraction and fear in the body controllable. In a healthy sexuality, instead of pain, pain and bleeding, it is aimed to have joy, pleasure and love to be one, and to have positive thoughts. The preparation of the body for sexuality is learned. Misconceptions of sexuality need to be corrected.


In this process, the problem of vaginismus is not only a problem for women, on the contrary, it is a problem that should be evaluated together by the couple. It should be noted that it is a process. It is necessary to know that the problem is not only with the education of the woman, but with the partner who cooperates, that the treatment will be successful. Apart from the woman who has the problem, the man who encounters this problem may also experience some problems. The man’s preparation for these possibilities increases the couple’s confidence in themselves and in each other. The success of treatment increases in couples who patiently do what is necessary during the treatment process and follow the plan.

As a result, the treatment of vaginismus is a diverse, treatable condition that needs to be addressed in multiple ways. It is very useful to be compatible, open-minded, curious, and patiently fulfilling the requirements of the process during the treatment process. Above all, believing is the key to success.

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